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  • Number of Characters: In Georgia, they allow a maximum of 7 characters on your Personalized Plate for Private Passenger Vehicles and 6 characters for motorcycles. You can use any combination of Letters A to Z, Spaces and Numbers 0 to 9 .
  • Limitations: Personalized vanity license plates in Georgia are subject to approval by the Georgia Department of Revenue. The website also states that the following are not allowed:
    • Any plate that would be obscene, profane or defamatory.
    • Any plate that refers to sex, disparages a religious belief, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
    • Any plate that indicates a position or office held, trademark or copyright.
    • Any plate that makes reference to drugs or alcohol.
  • Is My Plate Available?: At this time, you cannot determine if your plate is available online.
  • Additional Information: For more information on obtaining a personalized vanity license plate in Georgia, visit the Georgia Personalized Plates FAQs website, go to any Georgia County Tax Commissioner Tag Office or call the Department of Revenue at 1-855-406-5221.

    This Site is not owned or operated by, nor affiliated with any governmental organization. This Site contains general information with respect to personalized license plates at the department of motor vehicles in various states. It is for informational and educational purposes only. You should check with the specific state that your motor vehicle is registered in before ordering.