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    The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles oversees the distribution and issuance of personalized and customized vanity license plates. Massachusetts allows you to determine if your specific lettering on the license plate is available online. Personalized license plates in Massachusetts may be ordered via mail or in person at a full service registry branch and take 12 – 14 weeks for processing. License plates can only be ordered by a registered owner and the plate you order must be registered to an Massachusetts vehicle at the time of issuance.
  • Number of Characters: In Massachusetts, they allow a maximum of 6 characters on your Personalized Plate (5 for motorcyles) and the first two characters must be letters. Also, you cannot mix letters and numbers together. You can use any combination of Letters A to Z, Spaces and Numbers 0 to 9 .
  • Limitations: Personalized vanity license plates in Massachusetts are subject to approval by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The website also states that the following combinations are not allowed:
    • Vulgar in that it is in poor taste or is degrading or is considered a profanity, including a swear or curse word, not usually displayed in the community for general viewing.
    • Derogatory in that it disparages or belittles someone or something.
    • Refers to a sexual body part, a term for or most closely associated with a sex act, or the availability for sex.
    • Expression of contempt, ridicule, or superiority of a race, religion, deity, ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.
Registry of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Special Plates
P.O Box 55895
Boston, MA 02205-5895

    This Site is not owned or operated by, nor affiliated with any governmental organization. This Site contains general information with respect to personalized license plates at the department of motor vehicles in various states. It is for informational and educational purposes only. You should check with the specific state that your motor vehicle is registered in before ordering./p>